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JBS Mercantile

When will my order ship? Orders placed between the 1st and the 6th of any given month will ship sometime between the 8th and the 10th of the month. Orders placed after the 6th will ship within 1-3 business days after receipt. If you place an order the 1st through the 6th that does not include any of the new products for the month (including that month’s Papercrafting Kit, Project Kit, Add-On, Limited Edition Kit or other Limited Edition items) and you would like for it to ship right away, please send a note with your order # through the contact link below and we will honor your request.

I would like to have my non-kit items I ordered ship with my membership kit(s) to save on shipping. How do I do this? Between the 1st and the 5th of each month you will have the option to do this. At checkout you will be asked if you would like your order to ship separately or with your membership billing. Simply check the box and your order will be shipped with your membership(s) in the same box. Full shipping will be paid at the time of purchase. When your membership is billed, shipping will be charged at a reduced rate, minus the amount calculated for shipping on your non-membership items.  If you have placed multiple (more than 1) orders during this time, please send us a note with your order #’s, and we will attempt to combine your orders. If we are successful in combining your orders we will adjust you’re shipping charges manually and issue a refund if necessary.

Where can I find instructions for my Project Kit/Limited Edition Kit? – Project Kit instructions are located in the Project Kit Instruction Gallery. Dime Store Kits and Limited Edition Kits have thier own galleries in this same area.  Please refer to the sticker on your kit packaging to reference the correct month for your instructions.  Ideas for using your Papercrafting Kit materials can be found in the various Design Team Galleries. 

My order is damaged or missing product – if an error has occurred in packing or if your box arrives with damaged product, please notify us within 5 days of receipt and we will happily forward you the missing/damaged product promptly.

When will the gallery be updated each month? The current month’s gallery will go live with new layouts on the 1st of the month (Project Kit instructions will be posted by the 12th).

I am an International customer and have still not received my order after two weeks? Our international packages are sent airmail and should not typically take longer than two weeks. However, for reasons out of our control, this can fluctuate from time to time. We are unable to credit International customers for missing kits until a full 30 days has passed. Please contact us after 30 days, and we will refund you the cost of your kit, or send you a replacement if available.

I placed an order but did not receive an e-mail receipt? How can I verify that you indeed received my order? Despite our best efforts to deliver your receipt, many times they end up in e-mail junk folders. Check there and you will most likely find it! You can always log into your account on the home page of the site as well to confirm your order.

I would like to know if JBS is willing to donate products for my charitable fundraiser? We would love to consider donating product to your organization. Please send your request through the contact link with “donation” as the subject line at least 45 days in advance of your event. Due to the volume of these types of requests received, we are unable to honor them all. Requests are reviewed once a month. If we are able to honor your request you will be contacted via e-mail for more information (but we are unable to respond to these type of e-mails otherwise).

I would like to cancel my membership(s)? although we will be sad to see you go, you can easily cancel your membership by following this link. You must do this however by the last day of the month prior to billing. Cancellations made between the 1st and the 9th will not be effective until the following month.

I need to change my billing information (or shipping address, e-mail, etc.) - Please log into My Account on the home page to easily make any changes to your account including change of billing or shipping address, e-mail and billing information.

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